The Business

Conisus, LLC ( is an Atlanta, Georgia-based provider of specialized medical communication services to the oncology pharmaceutical and biotechnology (“biopharmaceutical”) industry. Conisus develops innovative, scientific-oriented promotional marketing and medical education solutions for a diverse group of oncology-focused biopharmaceutical companies. Conisus’ services are designed to influence the prescribing behaviors of physicians, generate brand awareness, as well as inform and educate physicians and other drug-use decision makers about new drug therapies.

The Industry

The $55 billion global oncology market represents the largest and fastest growing therapy market within the biopharmaceutical industry. By 2013P, the global oncology market is projected to reach $85 billion in sales, growing more than double the forecasted growth rate of the broader biopharmaceutical industry. The biopharmaceutical industry outsources more than $35 billion annually to third-party service providers, such as Conisus, and spends over $20 billion annually in the U.S. to promote and market its drug therapies.

The Process

Prestwick Partners initiated this transaction and acted as exclusive financial advisor to Conisus (Atlanta, Georgia) and Progress Equity Partners (Dallas, Texas, and Denver, Colorado). Prestwick Partners designed an M&A process, prepared marketing materials, evaluated acquisition proposals and negotiated the transaction with Webster Capital, a Waltham, Massachusetts- based private equity firm. Prestwick’s process included both domestic and international strategic acquirers as well as private equity groups.