The Business
Xportation Safety Concepts, Inc. (XSCi) has developed, manufactured and tested a production model of a rear facing infant car seat that offers superior protection during a crash. The PIONEERED® Safety System is the only rear facing restraint to meet proposed NHTSA requirements for infant seat performance in front of an airbag and/or a fixed steel barrier. Meeting such proposed requirements allows for use of the infant car seat in the front seat of a passenger vehicle, even when a passenger airbag is present.

The Situation
XSCi, a technology start-up, is backed by venture funding from The Astra Ventures Incorporated, a family office located in New England. Astra Ventures has a number of investments in real estate, oil and gas, as well as traditional venture and private equity portfolio companies. After fully funding the development of a working and approved prototype, Astra Ventures engaged Prestwick Partners to explore the strategic alternatives for XSCi and to advise the Board of Directors and the majority shareholder of their options.

The Process
Prestwick Partners approached 13 domestic and international juvenile products manufacturers to ascertain their interest in XSCi and to determine the relative strength of XSCi’s technology. Following these discussions, Prestwick Partners advised the Board of Directors and the majority shareholder of their options, including continuing to fund the company and pursue commercialization of the technology, entering into one or more joint ventures, selling the intellectual property of XSCi, or discontinuing the company’s operations.