The Business

Williams Sound, LLC ( is a Minneapolis, Minnesota-based designer, manufacturer, and marketer of professional wireless communication systems that are used to deliver sound and improve the hearing and/or communicating ability of individuals in a variety of group or gathering situations. The Company has developed a full range of proprietary, branded solutions primarily utilized in hearing assistance, language interpretation, two-way communication, and tour guide applications that span multiple end markets, including corporate, education, government, entertainment, and healthcare.  Williams Sound is recognized globally as a leader within its niche due to its prominent brand, track record of developing on-trend products, and global supply chain.


The Industry

Williams Sound participates in the global professional audio/visual (“Pro-AV”) industry, an attractive, growing $92+ billion industry.  Within the Pro-AV industry, the Company has emerged as an innovator and leader within the professional wireless communication and assistive listening market segment. Continued demand for Williams Sound’s products will be driven by (i) the growing number of hearing-impaired and non-English speaking individuals in the U.S., (ii) increasing hearing assistance regulation, (iii) innovations in network-enabled, internet-connected, and wireless technologies, and (iv) the growing importance of collaboration in both private and public group settings.


The Process

Prestwick Partners initiated this transaction and acted as the exclusive financial advisor to Williams Sound and Cardinal Equity Partners, an Indianapolis-based private equity group.  Prestwick designed an M&A process, prepared marketing materials, evaluated acquisition proposals, and negotiated the transaction with Graycliff Partners, a New York-based private equity group. Prestwick’s process included both domestic and international strategic acquirers as well as private equity groups.